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We know. It sounds great (and it is)...and you have some questions. Your answers are below.


BridgeSource FAQS

  • What does this cost?
    About 120 seconds of your time. No really, that's it. Everything else is 100% free.
  • How can this possibly be 100% free? Nothing in life is free.
    You are correct. Nothing in life is free. We make our money where you never miss it. Example: You currently pay $20 for shipping. Now you get it through BridgeSource for $16. BridgeSource's actual cost is $15.75. You saved $4 and BridgeSource made $.25. This same example is provided in the dictionary under "Win - Win" 😊
  • Why can’t I get the best deal from the carriers directly?
    We love the carriers. No really, we do. But, the carriers...are looking out for the carriers. We...are looking out for you. Nuff said.
  • You can't get me better pricing than I have now.
    Game on. Cost savings is GUARANTEED or we will give you up to $500 in free shipping.
  • I can negotiate better than BridgeSource can.
    Obviously. You are a successful business professional. You know your business inside and out. This ain't your first bbq. Being as smart and savvy as you know...better than anyone, that even as amazing as you are...SOMEONE out there has better pricing than you. "Hi, we are SOMEONE". 😊
  • I don’t like working with 3rd parties
    Then don't. We simply provide the milk so you don't have to deal with the cow
  • What kind of contract do I have to sign?
    No contract. This is one of the primary benefits of leveraging the programs that BridgeSource provides access to. You ship, you save. Period.
  • Can I connect my online shopping cart to your platform?
    Of course. We have numerous native integrations all included for free (full list available upon request). Our system is Open API and we are happy to help build whatever "Bridge" you may need.
  • Why would I NOT use BridgeSource?
    Reason #1: You love to make things as complicated and costly as possible. Reason #2: You really do want to embrace the future but just can't let go of the matter WHAT it costs you. Reason #3: Your business is closing soon (and we are sorry to hear that). Wish we could have started helping you sooner. 😥
  • Sounds too good to be true.
    We agree. And we worked VERY hard to make it that way. Test it out for a week. If you don't like it, for whatever reason - we will pay for your first week's shipping up to $500.

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